Lochkovian brachiopods of the Prague Basin (Lower Devonian, Czech Republic)


Authors: Havlíček V

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 74, issue 3; pages: 299 - 322;

Keywords: Prague Basin, Lowest Devonian, brachiopod assemblages, new brachiopod species,

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The high-diversity brachiopod biofacies is confined to the Svatý Jan carbonate platform; lists of brachiopod species have been compiled not only from this shallow-water biofacies, but also from other, somewhat deeper environments of the Kotýs and Radotín Limestones (all of Lochkovian age). Wadiglossella nigricula, Kosoidea regalis, Isorthis (Arcualla) damiana, Mesodouvillina (M.) herinkiana, Gypidula geryon, Navispira trepida, Atrypina eremita, and Merista pruniformis have been proposed as new species. Jarovathyris canaliculata sulcata is considered as a new subspecies.