Problems related to incorporation of archival data into a coal deposit database, and a nethod of their graphic documentation


Authors: Honěk J, Hoňková K, Šepelová L, Staněk F

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 74, issue 2; pages: 223 - 232;

Keywords: Coal deposits, database, petrographic classification, petrographic symbols,

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In the long period during which coal was mined in coal basins and deposit prospecting was performed, different petrographic classifications were applied for describing coal and rocks. The consequence is that the same rocks or the same coal type were described in various periods by different methods. As far as nobody dealt in detail with processing and re-evaluation of old descriptions of coal and rocks of coal deposits and their comparison with current method of description prior to the stage of filing the data into database. The authors of the article describe a solution of such problematic and propose procedure of processing, re-evaluation and filing of heterogeneous description data into the database including symbols for their graphic representation. The proposed procedure is illustrated by a practical exhibit of processing of petrographic descriptions of coal, transitional rocks and rocks without coal impurities.