The effect of selecting a proper interpolating method on the accuracy of reserves calculation of a coal deposit


Authors: Staněk F

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 74, issue 2; pages: 211 - 222;

Keywords: Coal deposit modelling, interpolating methods, identification and correlation of seams, database, coal deposit, reserves calculation,

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When creating coal deposit model usually values detected in irregularly located prospecting points are interpolated in particular coal seams or benches into regular point network (so called grid). For this purpose various interpolation methods are applied. The designer employs usually a routine 'established' interpolation method which is applied by him generally without any prior structural analysis of deposit always and everywhere. But it has been proved that just the selection of interpolation method has a decisive effect on resultant deposit model and thus also on quantity of calculated raw material reserves. Application of improper interpolation methods leads to creation of unreal model of deposit. In this contribution it is documented how the results of coal deposit modelling could differ at application of various current interpolation methods.