Comparative study of liquefaction behaviour of Yugoslav soft brown coals


Authors: Ercegovać MD, Aleksić BR, Cvetković OG, Marković BZ, Aleksić BD, Vitorović DK

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 74, issue 2; pages: 175 - 180;

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Three Yugoslav soft brown coals of different provenance were liquefied by catalytic hydrogenation: the coal from Tamnava field of the Kolubara mines, from Drmno field of the Kostolac mine and the coal from the Kosovo mines. These coals are of Pontian age and are classified as humic coals of humotelinitic-detrinitic type with low proportion of inertinite and high proportion of xylite (36-42 wt. %). According to huminite reflectance (0.26-0.30 % Rr) and the amount of volatiles (40-49 wt. %, dry basis), they belong to the category of soft brown coals (lignites) which contain high proportion of mineral components.