Permeability of Coal of the Upper Silesian Basin (Czech Republic)


Authors: Konečný JrP, Kožušníková A

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 74, issue 2; pages: 155 - 158;

Keywords: Gas permeability, triaxial state of stress, coal,

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The knowledge of permeability in the stress conditions in massif is of great importance for all works related to rock massif as an environment in which filtration of liquids or gases takes place. The triaxial cell is used for the simulation of stress conditions in rock massif.
The set of 25 samples of coal was taken from boreholes of Czech part of the Upper Silesian basin (Upper Carboniferous). The degree of coalification represented by the reflectance of vitrinite R0 is in range 0.8-1.6 %.
The relationship between gas permeability and confining pressure is outlined in this paper. The influence of the degree of coalification on gas permeability was studied, too.
Very significant correlation between permeability and confining pressure was found. An increase in confining pressure causes a decrease in permeability. Also, the relationship between gas permeability and degree of coalificition exists. The increase of a degree of coalification causes decrease of gas permeability, in the above mentioned range of the R0 values.