Cleaning of Kutahya-Seyitomer thermic power plant's fuel by multi-gravity separator


Authors: Koca S, Sonmez E

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 74, issue 2; pages: 151 - 154;

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In this study, the possibilities of physical cleaning of Seyitomer power plant's fuel, lignite, which is supplied by Seyitomer Lignites Company, was evaluated by means of Multi-Gravity Separator. Lignite samples, collected from feeders to power plant's boilers, were sieved into different size fractions, and -0.300+0.150 mm and -0.150+0.063 mm fractions were used in the experimental work. Concentration experiments were carried out at two stages: The optimum conditions of separation were determined by using coarse fraction and these conditions were applied to fine fraction at the first stage. The first stage concentrates were cleaned at the second stage. At optimum conditions a clean lignite product was obtained after cleaning stage, containing 27.62 % ash with 73.39 % combustible recovery according to combined head sample (-0.300+0.063mm).