Inertinite and vitrinite of the Donets Carboniferous Basin: oxidation ability


Authors: Butuzova L

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 74, issue 2; pages: 135 - 138;

Keywords: coal, vitrinite, fusinite, oxidation,

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The present paper is concerned with the oxidation activity of vitrinite and inertinite from Donets coals and with the properties and structures of the hard coal microcomponents. It has been shown, that the components of the vitrinite group are responible for hard coal oxidation. The oxygen absorption capacity decreases in the sequence: brand D vitrain - brand D coal - brand G vitrain - brand G coal - brand J vitrain - brand G fusain - brand J fusain. An apparent contradiction between the high content of free radicals in fusenes and their limited activity in respect to oxygene as compared to vitrines has been discovered.