Unusual Upper Emsian Tabulata and Rugosa from the Floresta Formation of Columbia


Authors: Plusquellec Y

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 94, issue 4; pages: 441 - 454; Received 27 June 2019; Accepted in revised form 4 November 2019; Online 23 December 2019

Keywords: Tabulata, Granulidictyum, Amazonodictyum, Paleofavosites, Rugosa, Devonodiscus, Devonian, Columbia, paleobiology,

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The study of a small fauna of columbian corals in the Floresta Formation, upper Emsian, permits the recognition of the new species Granulidictyum (G. alechinskyi) associated with an Hicetes gallery (first record of the Granulidictyum/Hicetes system), the presence of Paleofavosites sp. which constitutes a new record of a microlamellar favositid in the Devonian and a new species of the recently erected genus of the discoid coral Devonodiscus. In addition, the presence of Amazonodictyum amazonicum is recorded for the first time in Columbia.


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