The first record of Late Jurassic megateuthidid belemnites - Chuvashiteuthis aenigmatica gen. et sp. nov. from the upper Kimmeridgian of Central Russia


Authors: Ippolitov AP, Berezin YU, Rogov MA, Desai BG

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 92, issue 3; pages: 357 - 372; Received 26 November 2016; Accepted in revised form 7 July 2017; Online 30 September 2017

Keywords: Belemnites, Megateuthididae, Chuvashiteuthis aenigmatica gen. et sp. nov., rostrum, phragmocone, biogeography,

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Present paper discusses finds of peculiar Upper Kimmeridgian belemnitids from Central Russia. Systematic morphological investigation, combined with biometrical comparison and mineralogical study, has shown that these belemnitids should be classified within the family Megateuthididae. They are described herein as Chuvashiteuthis aenigmatica gen. et sp. nov. These finds are the youngest record of megateuthidid belemnites, which are considered to die out during the Bathonian, thus extending the total range of the family by ˜ 12 Ma. The described species co-occurs with scarce and suppressed Boreal belemnites and abundant ammonites of Boreal-Atlantic and Tethyan affinities, supposing similar origin also for the newly described genus. In addition to new data on belemnites, stratigraphical distribution of remarkable “Laevaptychus-bearing” horizons in the Kimmeridgian and Volgian of the Russian Platform is briefly outlined.


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