Permian gastropods from the Tak Fa Limestone, Nakhon Sawan, Northern Thailand


Authors: Ketwetsuriya C, Nützel A, Kanjanapayont P

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 91, issue 3; pages: 481 - 513; Received 1 June 2016; Accepted in revised form 30 June 2016; Online 27 September 2016

Keywords: Gastropoda, Late Palaeozoic, Permian, Thailand, silicification, diversity,

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A silicified Middle Permian (Wordian) gastropod fauna is reported from the Tak Fa Limestone from Northern Thailand. It is the first diverse Permian gastropod fauna known from Thailand. The fauna comes from shallow water carbonates that are rich in fusulinids, sponges and calcareous algae. Forty gastropod species are reported, among them 17 nominate species and 23 species in open nomenclature. Thus, this fauna represents one of the richest Permian gastropod faunas known from Southeast Asia. Twelve species and one genus are new to science (all new taxa authored by Nützel & Ketwetsuriya). The new genus is Takfaia. The new species are Pharkidonotus khaonoiensis, Khumerspira thailandensis, Baylea? umbilicata, Takfaia kuesi, Glabrocingulum magnum, Knightinella ornata, Anomphalus lateumbilicatus, Yunnania pulchra, Microdoma carinata, Trachydomia takhliensis, Goniasma tricarinata and Cambodgia acuminata. The gastropod fauna is dominated by typical Late Palaeozoic cosmopolitan genera with bellerophontoids and pleurotomariines being most abundant.


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