Lower Lochkovian (Lower Devonian) conodonts from Cellon section (Carnic Alps, Austria)


Authors: Corriga MG, Corradini C, Schönlaub HP, Pondrelli M

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 91, issue 2; pages: 261 - 270; Received 19 November 2015; Accepted in revised form 28 January 2016; Online 18 April 2016

Keywords: conodonts, biostratigraphy, taxonomy, Lochkovian, Cellon section, Carnic Alps,

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The conodont stratigraphy of the lower Lochkovian part of the famous Cellon section is presented. The association includes twenty-two taxa belonging to nine genera, and allows discriminating the two biozones of the lower Lochkovian (Icr. hesperius and Icr. postwoschmidti zones). Three taxa (Zieglerodina formosa, Z. mashkovae and Z. prosoplatys) are reported for the first time from the Carnic Alps, and other two species of Zieglerodina, probably new, are described in open nomenclature.