Pennsylvanian fossil flora from the Velebit Mountains and Lika region (SW Croatia)


Authors: Cleal CJ, Tenchov YG, Sremac J, Đerek T, Japundžić J

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 90, issue 3; pages: 721 - 742; Received 12 August 2014; Accepted in revised form 9 July 2015; Online 30 September 2015

Keywords: Pennsylvanian, palaeobotany, Croatia,

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Late Pennsylvanian age deposits in the Velebit Mts and Lika region of Croatia are mainly marine, but also include relative thin terrestrial intercalations yielding diverse fossil floras. A revision of the fossil floras, based on about 200 specimens in the collections of the Croatian Natural History Museum (Zagreb) and National Museum (Prague), has revealed 19 species, strongly dominated by medullosaleans, sphenophytes and marattialean ferns. These fossils represent the remains of the lowland vegetation that was growing on the southern side of the Variscan Mountains, and can be compared with similar floras found in northern Spain and the Carnic Alps. Similar aged floras also occurred in intramontane sequences further north and west in Europe but these often tend to be dominated by marattialean ferns and cordaitaleans rather than alethopterid medullosaleans as in the Croatian floras. These differences are probably the result of the higher elevation and better drainage of the intramontane basins. Biostratigraphically the Croatian floras belong to the S. angustifolium Zone of Stephanian B (late Kasimovian or earliest Gzhelian) age.


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