Unusual occurrence of dalmanitid trilobites in the Lochkovian (Lower Devonian) of the Prague Basin, Czech Republic


Authors: Budil P, Fatka O, Rak Š, HÖrbinger F

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 89, issue 2; pages: 325 - 334; Received 7 March 2013; Accepted in revised form 21 February 2014; Online 17 March 2014

Keywords: Lower Devonian, Lochkovian, Prague Basin, Reussiana, Trilobita,

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Rare remains of Reussiana cf. brevispicula Hörbinger, 2000 have been collected near the Praha-Lochkov, together with a rich faunal association characteristic of the upper part of the Lochkov Formation (Lower Devonian, Lochkovian, Monograptus hercynicus graptolite Biozone). This occurrence confirms the earlier assumption that large Devonian dalmanitids (“odontochilinids”) appear in the Prague Basin below the Basal Pragian Regressive Event. The unique discovery represents one of the earliest occurrences of Devonian dalmanitids worldwide and sheds light on the migration and early radiation of dalmanitids within the Rheic Ocean realm during the Early Devonian.


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