Refinements in biostratigraphy of the foraminiferal zone MFZ11 (late early Viséan, Mississippian) in the Cebeciköy Limestone (İstanbul Terrane, NW Turkey) and palaeogeographic implications


Authors: Okuyucu C, Vachard D, Göncüoğlu MC

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 88, issue 3; pages: 621 - 645; Received 10 September 2012; Accepted in revised form 15 January 2013; Online 26 April 2013

Keywords: Viséan, Turkey, İstanbul Terrane, foraminiferal zone MFZ11, biostratigraphy, foraminifers, algae incertae sedis, systematics, palaeogeography,

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The Cebeciköy Limestone from the Variscan flysch of the İstanbul Terrane is assigned to the foraminiferal MFZ11 zone (late early Viséan, formerly V2a). This zone is essentially the range zone of Uralodiscus rotundus. Additional bioevents are proposed for characterizing the upper part of this biozone (MFZ11B subzone): the LAD of Eoendothyranopsis and the FAD of Pararchaediscus and Conilidiscus. The majority of foraminifers and algae, belonging locally to MFZ11 are well-known, except for the following taxa: Issinella luteotubulifomis sp. nov., I. enormis sp. nov., Vicinesphaera parasqualida sp. nov., Planogloboendothyra modesta sp. nov. and Endothyra irinaeformis sp. nov. The İstanbul Terrane is connected with the southern branch of the Palaeotethys, whereas the Zonguldak Terrane is connected with the northern branch of this one.


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