The oldest evidence of non-coaxial shell heterostrophy in the Class Gastropoda


Authors: Frýda J, Ferrová L

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 86, issue 4; pages: 765 - 776; Received 10 July 2011; Accepted in revised form 6 September 2011; Online 14 October 2011

Keywords: Gastropoda, Paleozoic, Devonian, shell heterostrophy, Archaeogastropoda,

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The term shell heterostrophy describes the condition where the shell whorls coil in one direction during one portion of a gastropod’s life, and in the other direction for another portion. In the present paper, the oldest evidence of non-coaxial shell heterostrophy in the Class Gastropoda is documented in the new species Koneprusellia zaki sp. nov. (Porcellioidea, Archaeogastropoda), coming from the Early Devonian of the Barrandian area (Bohemia). A brief analysis of the occurrences of this shell’s morphological features, among the Paleozoic gastropods, revealed that the shell heterostrophy was present in at least three unrelated gastropod lineages: in the clades Heterobranchia (Devonian-Recent), Macluritoidea (Ordovician), and Porcellioidea (Silurian–Cretaceous)


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