Continuing progress on chronostratigraphic subdivision of the Cambrian System


Authors: Peng SC, Babcock LE

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 86, issue 3; pages: 391 - 396; Received 23 December 2010; Accepted in revised form 28 March 2011; Online 21 September 2011

Keywords: International Subcommission on Cambrian Stratigraphy, recent progress, chronostratigraphic subdivision, Cambrian System, GSSP,

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This paper is a review of the chief accomplishments toward defining Cambrian stage- and series-level GSSPs since the founding of the International Subcommission on Cambrian Stratigraphy (ISCS) in 1961, and is an assessment of the Subcommission’s progress toward defining the bases of remaining provisional stages and series.


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