Goniatites Zone (middle Mississippian) ammonoids of the Antler Foreland Basin (Nevada, Utah)


Authors: Korn D, Titus AL

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 86, issue 1; pages: 107 - 196; Received 8 November 2010; Accepted in revised form 24 January 2011; Online 8 March 2011

Keywords: Ammonoidea, Carboniferous, Mississippian, Viséan, Nevada, Utah, palaeobiogeography, biostratigraphy, Chainman Formation,

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The ammonoid faunas from the Goniatites Zone (Late Viséan; Mississippian) of the Camp Canyon Member (Chainman Formation) are described for the first time. The assemblage shows close relationships to time equivalent occurrences in Alaska and the American Midcontinent, but differs markedly from occurrences in Europe, North Africa, and the South Urals. Seven successive ammonoid biozones are proposed for this interval in North America, in ascending order: (1) Calygirtyoceras confusionense Ammonoid Biozone, (2) Calygirtyoceras arcticum Ammonoid Biozone, (3) Girtyoceras primum Ammonoid Biozone, (4) Girtyoceras gordoni Ammonoid Biozone, (5) Goniatites deceptus Ammonoid Biozone, (6) Goniatites eganensis Ammonoid Biozone, and (7) Goniatites multiliratus Ammonoid Biozone. The following ammonoid species are revised or newly described: Bollandoceras occidentale sp. nov., Entogonites burbankensis sp. nov., Entogonites borealis (Gordon, 1957), Entogonites acus sp. nov., Calygirtyoceras confusionense sp. nov., Calygirtyoceras arcticum Gordon, 1957, Girtyoceras primum sp. nov., Girtyoceras gordoni sp. nov., Girtyoceras hamiltonense sp. nov., Dimorphoceras worki sp. nov., Dimorphoceras rileyi sp. nov., Metadimorphoceras mangeri sp. nov., Metadimorphoceras richardsi sp. nov., Kazakhoceras bylundi sp. nov., Goniatites americanus Gordon, 1971, Goniatites deceptus sp. nov., Goniatites eganensis sp. nov., Goniatites sowerbyi sp. nov., and Praedaraelites loeblichi (Miller and Furnish, 1940).


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