Reflection of the mid-Ludfordian Lau Event in conodont faunas of Bohemia


Authors: Slavik L, Kříž J, Carls P

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 85, issue 3; pages: 395 - 414; Received 10 June 2010; Accepted in revised form 23 August 2010; Online 9 September 2010

Keywords: Silurian, Lau Event, conodonts, Prague Basin, Gotland, correlation,

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Conodont faunas of the Polygnathoides siluricus Zone (Ludfordian, Ludlow) from shallow-water environments of Bohemia are characterized by relatively high taxonomic diversity that reflects an interval with taxa thriving due to increased nutrient supply in rather stable environments during the pre-Lau Event time, as has been documented globally. Although the conodont faunas in strata with P. siluricus are more diversified and variable than those in the interval instantly following, the uninterrupted ranges of several taxa (of genera Wurmiella, Ozarkodina and Delotaxis) show that the change in conodont faunas in the sections is not as drastic in Bohemia as described on Gotland and that the extinction rate was rather moderate. A detailed correlation of conodont distribution in the sections indicates, however, that a large part of the Lau Event is not preserved in the shallow water environment of the former Řeporyje Volcanic Elevation. Accordingly, timing and spatial image of the conodont extinction are thus partly obscured. Only a short interval with considerably diminished conodont elements during the lower range of Ozarkodina? snajdri with random occurrences of Pedavis latialatus, corresponds to the part of the “Icriodontid Zone” on Gotland, i.e. the uppermost part of the Lau Event. This incompleteness in record confirms sedimentary starvation in the shallow environment on the former volcanic elevation in this part of the Prague Basin.


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