Silurian Kenzieana Liljedahl, 1989 (Bivalvia, Spanilidae) from Bohemia, Gotland and Sardinia


Authors: Kříž J

Published in: Bulletin of Geosciences, volume 85, issue 1; pages: 53 - 60; Received 9 February 2010; Accepted in revised form 2 March 2010; Online 15 March 2010

Keywords: Bivalvia, Nepiomorphia, Silurian, systematics, palaeoecology, Perunica, European peri-Gondwana, Baltica,

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The genus Kenzieana Liljedahl, 1989 (Nepiomorphia Kříž, 2007) from Perunica, the European peri-Gondwana and Baltica is the oldest known, very long ranging Silurian (late Wenlock to late Přídolí) genus of Spanilidae Kříž, 2007, and was most probably the ancestor of the Gorstian Algerina Kříž, 2008, and the Ludfordian Spanila Barrande, 1881. Kenzieana is represented by K. bellula (Barrande, 1881) from the Homerian (late Wenlock), and K. cardiopsis (Barrande, 1881) from the late Wenlock to the late Přídolí. K. angusta Liljedahl, 1989, and K. lata Liljedahl, 1989 from Gotland are the junior synonyms. Distinctly inflated, foreshortened shells of Kenzieana with almost flat and circular frontal face show adaptive convergence with the Silurian Slavinka plicata (Barrande, 1881), Recent Corculum Röding, 1798, Fragum Röding, 1798, and Hippopus Lamarck, 1799. Kenzieana was very shallow and slow burrower resting in the sediment on its anterior, almost subcircular or widely elliptical and flat frontal face with a few byssal threads attached to loose detritus.


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