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Gürich, Georg Prof.

born 25th September 1859, Guttengau (Upper Silesia), died 16th August 1938, Berlin

German geologist, paleontologist, and teacher. He studied natural science at the University of Wroclaw and, since 1884 till 1891, was assistant in the Mineralogical and Geological Department. In 1885, he participated in an expedition to Nigeria. In 1887, he qualified as lecturer in geology and paleontology at the University of Breslau (now Wroclaw). In the years 1888 - 1890 he went to the German Southwest Africa (now Namibia), and Venezuela. Between 1891 and 1910 he taught in a secondary school. In 1910, he became head of the Provincial Mineralogical and Geological Institute and professor of the Colonial Institute in Hamburg. In 1914, he left for Africa, at the beginning of World War One he was taken captive by the English, and only towards the end of 1915 returned to Hamburg within the exchange of POW. In 1919 he was appointed professor of geology and paleontology at the University of Hamburg. He retired in 1933. He was mostly interested in geology and paleontology of the former Prussian Silesia, namely the Giant Mountains. He also studied the Paleozoic of Silesia and Poland and the Tertiary and Quaternary units of the northern Germany. He devoted his time to geology and paleontology of Africa. He published a large number of scientific papers and geological maps. Of his most important studies the following can be quoted: 'Beiträge zur Geologie von Westafrika', 'Das Paläozoikum im polnischen Mittelgebirge', 'Das Devon von Debnik bei Krakau'.

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