Česká geologická služba
English to Czech and Czech to English Geological Vocabulary

How to consult the geological dictionary

When looking up you may insert both individual words as well as phrases (group of words separated by a space). In case the whole phrase is not found, you may continue to search for similar phrases (containing some of the key words). Under the heading “term” specify a term, or a part of the term. You can also enter a compound term; the search will be confined to these compound terms. If you do not specify the direction of translation, the search will identify both Czech and English terms.

Czech compound terms are more flexible in word order. In the case of English terms, some caution will be necessary, for example:
cavernous limestone = kavernózní vápenec
limestone cavern = vápencová krasová jeskyně

The original content of the geological dictionary was taken from the publication by Otakar Zeman, Karel Beneš andco-authors. Some missing terms were added by: Zdeněk Kukal, Petr Hradecký, Vladislav Rapprich, Marcela Stárková and V. Herbstová.

Consulting the geological dictionary

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