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Karpatian and Lower Badenian sediments on the locality Brus
Pavla Tomanová Petrová, volume 49, 2016, pages 171–176
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Geology of Carboniferous outlier between Lísek and Hýskov in paleobotanical and palynological context (Westphalian, Duckmantian)
Marcela Stárková, Zbyněk Šimůnek, Jana Drábková, volume 49, 2016, pages 215–224
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Foraminiferalassemblage of calcareous marls facies of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin to the north of Jičín
L. Hradecká, volume 42, 2009 (GRR for 2008), pages 94–96
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Paleoecological analysis of molluscan faunas of an alm deposit sw. of Tetín (Bohemian Karst)
J. Kovanda, volume 41, 2008 (GRR for 2007), pages 98–104
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Preliminary foraminiferal results from the Cretaceous Red Beds of Rumanian East Carpathians
M. Bubík, volume 39, 2006 (GRR for 2005), pages 9–12
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Foraminiferal assemblages and palaeoecology of the Upper Cretaceous sediments from the locality Nussensee in Austria (Coniacian-Santonian, Grabenbach Formation, Lower Gosau Subgroup)
L. Hradecká, volume 37, 2004 (GRR for 2003), pages 140–141
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Stratigraphy and Paleoecological interpretation of the coral Synhelia gibbosa (Goldfuss, 1829), Scleractinia, Early Turonian of the Bohemian Upper Cretaceous Basin
H. Eliášová, volume 35, 2002 (GRR for 2001), pages 26–26
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The paleoecological characterization of a plant assemblage from the locality Štilec u Žebráku (Upper Carboniferous)
M. Libertín, volume 33, 2000 (GRR for 1999), pages 134–135
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About the Miocene from the boreholes along the water pipe course from the Vír dam to Brno
M. Bubík, volume 30, 1997 (GRR for 1996), pages 64–66
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Remarks to paleoecology of the Prague Basin Ordovician Bivalvia
J. Kříž, volume 30, 1997 (GRR for 1996), pages 168–172
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Changes in the Early Oligocene Pouzdřany Marl foraminiferal assemblages driven by the bottom-oxygen decrease gradient
J. Krhovský, M. Kučera, volume 28, 1995 (GRR for 1994), pages 68–70
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Results of revision of the Senonian foraminifers from the Čejč-Zaječí Zone (Ždánice unit, Moravia)
M. Bubík, volume 27, 1994 (GRR for 1993), pages 16–17
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New information on the Miocene sediments near Nové Syrovice
Š. Hladilová, S. Nehyba, volume 25, 1993 (GRR for 1991), pages 56–57
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