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Preliminary report on foraminifers of the Štramberk Limestone


Miroslav Bubík

Geoscience Research Reports 45, 2012 (GRR for 2011), pages 97–101

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Two samples of Jurassic limestones from the Silesian Unit were investigated for their content of foraminifers and two methods of retrieving the foraminifers were tested: crushing and acetolysis in 80% acetic acid. The sample of the Štramberk Limestone from the type area contained assemblage of 27 species dominated by conical epifaunal morphotypes (Andersenolina, Trocholina) and miliolids (Nodobacularia, Quinqueloculina) accompanied with few nodosariids, epistominids and discorbids. The sample of grey micritic limestone from olistolite near Rychaltice contained assemblage with Trocholina nodulosa, Spirillina concava, Paalzovella seiboldi and frequent nodosariids. It is probably Oxfordian in age and differs from the Štramberk Limestone.