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Methodology for 3D modeling of a graphite deposit based on reevaluation of archive data


Jan Jelínek, František Staněk, Radomír Grygar, Jan Franěk, Michal Poňavič

Geoscience Research Reports 52, 2019, pages 17–20

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Published online: 7 March 2019

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This paper describes a methodology of 3D modeling of the Český Krumlov - Městský vrch graphite deposit based on reevaluation of archive data (Fig. 1). The methodology was created within the project TE02000029 Competence Centre for Effective and Ecological Mining of Mineral Resources, financed by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. The main objective of this project is a review of reserves of selected non-energy minerals belonging to EU critical commodities. There is evidently a need for application of suitable mathematical procedures based on study and reevaluation of archived data when modeling such mineral deposits. The methodology presented is unique as it specifies the individual steps of the procedure starting with acquisition of the necessary input data stored in archives through creation of a structural model, the application of modern algorithms for the formation of the variant 3D technological models, up to the estimation of mineral reserves, and finally the visualization of relevant models (Fig. 2). Specially designed software Model3D provides an input data control, compatibility of used programs (MS Excel, MOVE, Surfer, Voxler, SGeMS), and the generation of outputs - various types of deposit visualization in 2D and 3D.
The individual steps for creating and visualization of the 3D model for the graphite deposit are as follows:
1. Evaluation of all accessible archived materials. Verification and correction of input data.
2. Calculation and spatial visualization of the input data.
3. Construction of 3D structural model in the Move software environment.
4. Calculation of topology of 3D grid of graphite body using 3D structural model.
5. Statistical processing of technological parameters.
6. 3D visualization of input data for the graphite deposit in the Voxler software environment, creation of 3D grids of the content of technological parameters, and export of 2D grids in individual horizons in the grd Surfer format.
7. Estimation of the reserves of the deposit based on 2D grids of technological parameters and their conversion into 3D grid.
8. 2D visualization of horizontal sections in the Surfer software environment.
9. 2D visualization of the series of vertical sections in the Surfer software environment
10. Visualization of technological parameters in the Voxler software environment.
Individual methodological steps 1-10 can be easily repeatedly carried out in an automated manner with changing parameters. Therefore, it is easy to create different variants of the model (for example with different gridding parameters). This methodology can be used for all deposits of similar type.
A detailed description of the methodology, including the algorithms used, can be found at:


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