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Actinopterygian fishes and other vertebrate fauna from fossiliferous horizons of the Lower Member of the Letovice Formation (Lower Permian) in the Boskovice Graben


Stanislav Štamberg

Geoscience Research Reports 48, 2015 (GRR for 2014), pages 71–74
Map sheets: Boskovice (24-14)

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Published online: 12 October 2015

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An assemblage of vertebrates from fossiliferous horizons of the Lower Member of the Letovice Formation (Lower Permian, Asselian) in the Boskovice Graben is described and analyzed. Deposits of grey and yellowish grey silty claystone and grey laminated limestone were studied at the localities of Kladoruby "Dolní pepřík", and at those lying southward of Letovice: Zboněk, Sebranice, Lubě, Malá Lhota and Újezd near Černá Hora. Acanthodians of the genus Acanthodes (Fig. 1), xenacanthid elesmobranchs, amphibians (Fig. 1A), and actinopterygians of the genus Letovichthys (Fig. 1D ) were found to occur at these localities. These outcrops, which probably belong to the same period of sedimentation, indicate north-south extension of a lake that is assumed to have been at least 20 km long. The Zbraslavec locality (south-west of Letovice) together with the long ago abandoned locality of Jindřichov (section of the town of Letovice) represent another horizon (Zbraslavec Horizon) of the Lower Member of the Letovice Formation. Red and white coloured skeletal fragments of acanthodians (Acanthodes sp., Acanthodes gracilis), amphibians (numerous skeletal fragments of Branchiosauridae – Fig. 1C), rare Sclerocephalus stambergi Steyer – Klembara, 2012, xenacanthid elasmobranchs and actinopterygian Letovichthys tuberculatus Štamberg, 2007 in the grey limestone represent the vertebrate fauna in this horizon.


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