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Lower Gosau Subgroup between Wolfgangsee and Traunsee (Salzkammergut, Upper Austria)


Lenka Hradecká, Harald Lobitzer, Marcela Svobodová, Lilian Švábenická

Geoscience Research Reports 39, 2006 (GRR for 2005), pages 149–151

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The study of foraminifers, calcareous nannofossils and palynomorphs from the Upper Cretaceous sediments of Lower Gosau Subgroup in the area of Salzkammergut in Austria has been carried out within the KONTAKT project. The occurrence of nannofossils Eiffellithus eximius and Lucianorhabdus maleformis together with the pollen of angiosperm Trudopolis confirmed Middle Turonian age (nannofossil zone UC8) of some studied samples from "Station Billroth" and Eisenbach localities. The Nussensee Formation from the locality of Sophiental (Nussensee) comprises relatively rich foraminiferal assemblages which belong to the Dicarinella concavata and Dicarinella asymetrica planktonic zones (Robaszynski & Caron 1995).