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Mafic intrusions (redwitzites) of the Slavkovský les (Kaiserwald)


Pavla Kováříková, Wolfgang Siebel, Emil Jelínek, Miroslav Štemprok, Václav Kachlík, František Holub

Geoscience Research Reports 39, 2006 (GRR for 2005), pages 111–113
Map sheets: Sokolov (11-23)

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Variscan mafic igneous rocks of the Slavkovský les (Kaiserwald) corresponding to redwitzites occur along the NW border of the Krudum granite massif as dykes or as large blocks surrounded by the granites of the Younger Intrusive Complex of the Krušné hory granite batholith. The largest body at the Uhlířský vrch near Hrušková is probably interconnected in depth with smaller vicinal mafic bodies as indicated by geophysical measurements. Redwitzites belong petrochemically to gabbro, gabbrodiorite, monzodiorite and diorite, rarely to monzonite. The age of the redwitzite from the Uhlířský vrch measured by Pb-Pb zircon method is 323.4 ± 4.4 Ma, and is similar to the age of the earliest granites of the Krušné hory batholith and redwitzites from Bavaria. In Harker's diagrams a compositional gap exists between redwitzites and granites which suggests a relative independence in the magmatic evolution of these two compositionally distinct magmatic suites.