Publisher © Czech Geological Survey, ISSN: 2336-5757 (online), 0514-8057 (print)

Ground-water vulnerability map in the Labe terrace


Leona Zemanová

Geoscience Research Reports 38, 2005 (GRR for 2004), pages 169–171
Map sheets: Štětí (02-44)

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The main aim of the study was to work out the vulnerability map of ground water in the area of the Labe river valley between the villages Dolní Beřkovice and Hněvice. The methodology was based on the permeability data of Quaternary sediments of the alluvial plain in the vadose zone such as gravels, sand, clay and loam. The values of permeability based mainly on the field-work infiltration tests were calculated for each of these lithological types. Estimation of the permeability based on the laboratory grain size distribution analyses and data from pumping and tracing tests were used as a supplement and as a control. Both the thickness of individual lithological types in selected boreholes and values of permeability recorded for these lithological types were used to calculate a vulnerability index of particular bore- holes. The linear interpolation was made from these discrete data for the whole area of interest. The map was compiled using the software ArcGIS 8.1.