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Study of the slope deformations on Příhrazy plateau near Mnichovo Hradiště, map sheet 03-34-01 at a scale of 1:10 000


Josef Stemberk

Geoscience Research Reports 36, 2003 (GRR for 2002), pages 102–103
Map sheets: Sobotka (03-34)

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The article deals with landslides field mapping and block type landslide research in the area of map sheet 03-34-01 during 2002. The area is located in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin and is characterised by high susceptibility to deep block-type slope deformation evolution. Engineering-geological maps showing stability conditions and derived predictive landslide susceptibility maps were compiled. In two selected sites two bore-holes were drilled for hydrological monitoring of water level. They have complemented the network of recent slope deformation monitoring that was started in 1990. The results of the research are briefly discussed.