Publisher © Czech Geological Survey, ISSN: 2336-5757 (online), 0514-8057 (print)

Loess and fossil soils in Velké Pavlovice


Pavel Havlíček, Libuše Smolíková, Jaroslav Hlaváč

Geoscience Research Reports 36, 2003 (GRR for 2002), pages 75–78
Map sheets: Hustopeče (34-21)

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Four fossil chernozems and one soil sediment horizon were identified in about 20 m thick loess section at Velké Pavlovice. Stratigraphically the study section is equivalent to the typical, though not fully developed, Stillfried section in Lower Austria. Three well developed fossil chernozems including the basal interglacial soil sediment horizon (redeposited luvisol) correlate with Stillfried A, whereas the younger Stillfried B is represented by one paleosol only. In both the basal and the uppermost loess blankets the typical loess mollusc fauna was determined indicating harsh cold climate of the youngest Pleistocene glacial during the deposition of loess. The middle part of the section with paleosols is unfossiliferous.