Publisher © Czech Geological Survey, ISSN: 2336-5757 (online), 0514-8057 (print)

Geochemical mapping of the city of Prague


Michal Poňavič, Jan Buda, Miloslav Ďuriš, Karel Dušek, Ilja Knésl

Geoscience Research Reports 46, 2013 (GRR for 2012), pages 220–223
Map sheets: Praha (12-24)

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A research of the Czech Geological Survey "Geochemical mapping of urban soils - Prague" is one component of the URGE (Urban Geochemistry) multi-national project of the Geochemistry Expert Group of EuroGeoSurvey. The purpose of this project is to assess the distribution of heavy metals and trace elements in the urban environment, to discriminate natural and anthropogenic contributions, and to evaluate relevant health risks. Within the first stage of the research 500 topsoil samples from residential areas, public areas, parklands, transport areas and industry areas were collected in the city of Prague in 2010. Concentrations of 53 elements were measured on the first part of collected samples (120 topsoil samples) in 2012. Results indicate that vehicle traffic represents the most important anthropogenic source of trace elements. The next research stage focused on analyses of remaining 380 soil samples and interpretation of results, will be launched in upcoming years.