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The first deep geothermal borehole in the Bohemian Massif


Vlastimil Myslil, Jiří Burda, Jiřina Čtyroká, Jana Drábková, Karel Pošmourný, Zdeněk Táborský, Vladimír Žáček

Geoscience Research Reports 41, 2008 (GRR for 2007), pages 228–231

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Exploratory well PVGT-LT 1 was drilled in the North Bohemian town Litoměřice during 2006-2007 period. The well reached the depth 2110 m. The main task of the exploratory well was to study the thermal potential of the geothermally promising tectonic structure of the Ohře rift. A temperature of 63.5 °C and heat flow of 85 mW.m-2 have been detected at the base of the PVGT-LT 1 well. The sedimentary complexes of Quaternary, Upper Cretaceous and Permo-Carboniferous age were penetrated first, the Teplice rhyolite massif (ignimbrite) and the metamorphic rocks of the Teplá-Barrandien unit later on. The results of the exploratory well PVGT-LT 1 represent promising conditions for the future technical activities on the geothermal power-plant.