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Outcrops of the SHesian Unit in the bottom of drained Horní Bečva Reservoir


Miroslav Bubík

Geoscience Research Reports 34, 2001 (GRR for 2000), pages 9–10

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Outcrops of the Silesian Unit were studied in the bottom of drained Horní Bečva reservoir during the summer 2000. The outcrops are assigned to the Istebna Formation. Observed lithology (dark siltstones with pelosiderites and local accumulations of sandstone banks) and scarce microfossils (agglutinated foraminifers and pyritized diatoms) enabled to assign these sediments to the 4th microfaunistic zone of Hanzlíkova (1972) correlated with the upper Maastrichtian. The occurrence of the Istebna Formation in the south part of the reservoir indicates a fault system which predisposed this part of Rožnovská Bečva river valley.