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Preparation of a Research Pilot Project on CO2 Geological Storage in the Czech Republic.

REPP-CO2 is a Czech-Norwegian research project focusing on the development of technologies for geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide in the Czech Republic. The main goal of the Project is to verify the applicability of this approach in the actual geological environment of the Czech Republic.

Laying the groundwork for the planned development of Czech Republic’s pilot carbon dioxide storage to be subsequently used for research purposes, the Project involves a broad range of preparatory activities, such as the selection and assessment of a suitable storage complex site; preparation of a geological model of the site; simulations of the injection process and subsequent CO2 migration and interaction within the storage complex; risk analysis; and development of a monitoring plan. Additional project activities include an assessment of the practical applicability of CCS (CO2 Capture and Storage) projects in the Czech Republic as well as CCS-focused awareness-raising campaigns targeted on the Czech civil service and public at large.

A continuation of a long-lasting Czech-Norwegian research partnership, the Project is spearheaded by the Czech Geologic Survey and the International Research Institute of Stavanger. Apart from these two key players, the Project consortium includes five other stakeholders from the Czech Republic: VŠB–Technical University of Ostrava (VŠB-TUO), ÚJV Řež, a.s., Miligal, s.r.o., Centrum výzkumu Řež, s.r.o. and the Institute of Physics of the Earth of the Masaryk University in Brno. In total, the Project involves more than 100 researchers and engineers working for 7 different partners.

The Project is supported by Norway Grants from the CZ-08 Carbon Capture and Storage programme (Norway Grants 2009-2014).