History of hyperspectral applications in the Czech Republic

One of the first hyperspectral application was done with a NASA hyperspectral air-borne sensor ASAS in 1998, used for monitoring of early stages of forest damage/recovery in Krušné hory Mts. (Entcheva-Campbell et al. 2004). It was followed by two hyperspectral campaigns over the experimental site Bilý Kříž (the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy Mountains) in 2004 and 2006, performed with AISA Eagle VNIR sensor (Specim, Finland). In 2007, a collaboration between the CGS (in the frame of the project “Environmental mining impacts”, 2007–2009, funded by the Ministry of the Environment) and BRGM (in the frame of its self-funded RTD projects) started, focusing on mining impacts assessment using high-altitude (ASTER) and ground-based spectroradiometry (ASD Filedspec (R) spectroradiometer) over the Sokolov lignite mine. A first preliminary field reconnaissance was organized during the first two weeks of September 2007 that enabled collecting very first field spectroradiometric measurements. Those were followed by laboratory systematic spectra measurements acquired with the same spectroradiometer in artificial illumination conditions on the collection of representative samples of all the facies encountered in the Sokolov basin or stratigraphically equivalent. At the end of 2007, very first image processing of available superspectral ASTER satellite imagery was applied to identify locations of the most significant sources of acid mine drainage discharge (AMD) (Chevrel et al., 2008a,b).


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