IGCP 594

Annual workshop Windhoek 2012

Scope of the Annual Workshop

Programme and list of participants

Proceedings of the Workshop

Business meeting minutes

Some Powerpoint Presentations

Presentation Banza et. al. Pathways of exposure to cobalt in populations living in Katanga.ppt

Presentation Cukrowska W. et al The Impact of Gold Mining

Presentation Davies TC. Recent Advances in Mitigation and Rehabilitation Technology in Major and Abandoned Mines in Sub-Saharan Africa

Presentation Ettler et al. Mobility and bioaccessibility

Presentation Ettler et al. Environmental impacts of ore smelting

Presentation Kribek B. Information on New_Project_Artisanal Mining

Presentation Kribek B. et al Metals and arsenic in cassava Indicators of contamination in the Zambian Copperbelt mining district

Presentation Mihaljevic M. et al Lead isotopic and metallic pollution record in tree rings

Presentation Mileusnic M. et al Trace elements dispersion from a tailings dam and speciation in surrounding agricultural soils

Presentation Sracek O. et al The impact of mining and related activities on the environment and surface drainage in the Zambian Copperbelt

Presentation Sracek O. Geochemistry and Isotopic chemistry, Mine Doyon, Québec

Presentation Tutu H. et al Biosorption based on P. Simplicissimum