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7.3. Work package structure

To achieve the objectives of the GeoCapcity project, the work has been structured into 7 packages.

Work Package 1: Inventories and GIS

Comprise collation of point source CO2 emissions greater than 100 000 tonnes per year in all of the territories involved in the project (alas, limited to a test area in China). Emission data and information regarding plant characteristics, pipelines, terrain and other infrastructure will be entered into a projectdedicated Geographical Information System (GIS). The use of data for China will be regulated by relevant Chinese procedures. Emission points locations will be linked to nearest city or other suitable geographical location.

Work Package 2: Aquifer Geocapacities

This is the main WP dealing with assessment of CO2 storage potential in all of the involved European countries, with a particular emphasis on the countries not previously covered. Capacity estimates will be made on a national/regional basis as well as on a more detailed level and at lest two case studies will be made for each country. The work will be coordinated in three regional groups. A minor component will encompass updates in countries previously part of the GESTCO project.

Work Package 3: Economic uses of CO2

As a supplement to the aquifer capacity work of WP2, an assessment will be made of the potential for use and storage of CO2 in hydrocarbon structure combined with CO2 EOR and in deep coal beds combined with ECBM. The main emphasis will be on storage capacity, while simultaneously looking for early opportunities for CO2 activities with better economies than basic storage.

Work Package 4: Standards

This key activity will focus on two important issues. Defining for a wide range of geological and other conditions the technical criteria for the selection of suitable and safe sites for long term storage of CO2. Also of wide reaching importance is to improve methodologies for proper assessment of geological storage capacity, thus providing a set of standards for this and future project in this field. The outcome will be used in the context of the CSLF.

Work Package 5: Economic Evaluation

The initial effort will be on improving the Decision Support System software, making it capable of more complex assessments while also making it much more user-friendly. This economic evaluation tool combined with the GIS already constitutes the most advanced tool of its kind and will be further improved in the project. Finally, it will be used for economic evaluation of the many national source-transport-storage scenarios resulting from the case studies.

Work Package 6: International Co-operation

The work is defined specifically to strengthen collaboration between the EU and the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum. The main partner will be P.R. China Ministry of Science and Technology who is very enthusiastic about the opportunity for co-operation. Activities will focus on methodologies and technology transfer and results will be made available to the CSLF.

Work Package 7: Project Management and Reporting

Work here will focus on the smooth execution of the project activities and the facilitation of partner collaboration. Effort will also be dedicated to liaison with the project industry partners and the End-User Advisory Group. Reporting to the EU and other bodies such as the CSLF will be co-ordinated from this WP, as will the early creation of a project website. The final report will comprise a CD with all project results and a summary report for external users.

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