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Thomas Vangkilde-Pedersen
GEUS Denmark
+45 3814 2714

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Partner 15:

Ecofys b.v., Netherlands

Ecofys bv is a research and consultant company, employing some 180 people in the Netherlands and has offices in Germany, Spain, Poland, the United Kingdom, and is involved in a joint venture in Belgium. Projects are carried out both within and outside Europe. They concern both energy and environmental policy studies and the practical introduction of energy conservation and renewable energy. Ecofys is one of the leading organisations in the field of carbon dioxide capture and storage. Co-workers at Ecofys are involved in this issue since the start of the research and technology development in this area late 1980s. In the studies all relevant policy aspects are thoroughly considered and the option is both technically and economically evaluated. Also safety, environmental impacts, risk assessment and legal aspects are extensively examined.

Ecofys b.v.

Chris Hendriks
Kanaalweg 16-G
NL-3526 KL Utrecht, The Netherlands
tel. +31 30 280 83 00
fax +31 30 280 83 01

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