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Thomas Vangkilde-Pedersen
GEUS Denmark
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Climate and energy policy in the Netherlands and related CCS activities

The Kyoto target for the Netherlands is a reduction in emission of greenhouse gases of 6% by 2010 with reference to the year 1990. According to the most recent national environmental report (MilieuBalans 2004) the Netherlands is on track in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. This is achieved by both national and international measures (CDM and JI). The emission of greenhouse gases in 1990 equaled to 215 Mton CO2-eq. The expected emission including international JI and CDM measures is estimated at 199 Mton CO2-eq.

The three pillars of the sustainable energy policy in the Netherlands are energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean fossil fuels. CO2 capture and storage is the key component in employing the use of clean fossil fuels. Research on underground CO2 storage is financed in the national CRUST project, which has resulted in a pilot project on underground CO2 storage in the North Sea (K12-B). The Netherlands Government has made reservations for innovative research on CO2 Capture and Storage (EOS Programme), the first call of which was published recently. The new national Mining Law enforced in 2003 includes a regulation for licensing underground storage of CO2 (Storage Plan).

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