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Thomas Vangkilde-Pedersen
GEUS Denmark
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Presentations from the GeoCapacity closing conference in Copenhagen


Day 1 - 21 October 2009

Introduction to GeoCapacity (T. Vangkilde-Pedersen / GEUS)
GIS (N. Smith / BGS)
Country review - Bulgaria (G. Georgiev / Sofia University)
Country review - UK (K. Kirk / BGS)
Country review - China (Y.-M. LeNindre / BRGM)
Country review - Spain (R. Martinez / IGME)
Country review - Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina (B. Saftic / RGNF)
Country review - Slovenia (M. Car / Geoinženiring)
Hydrocarbon field capacity estimation (J.-P. Deflandre / IFP)
Coal field capacity estimation (A. Wojcicki / PBG & PGI)
Country review - Czech Republic (V. Kolejka / CGS)
Country review - Slovakia (L. Kucharic / SGUDS)
Country review - Denmark (K. Lyng Antonsen / GEUS)
Site selection criteria (K. Kirk / BGS)
Aquifer capacity estimation (T. Vangkilde-Pedersen / GEUS)
Application of standards (T. Vangkilde-Pedersen / GEUS)
Country review - Romania (A. Dudu / GeoEcoMar)
Country review - Estonia (A. Shogenova / IGTUT)
Country review - Poland (A. Wojcicki / PBG & PGI)
Country review - France (Y.-M. LeNindre / BRGM)
(18.7 MB)
Vattenfall CCS strategy & activities (N.P. Christensen / Vattenfall)


Day 2 - 22 October 2009

Country review - The Netherlands (F. Neele / TNO)
Country review - Germany and Luxemburg (S. Knopf / BGR)
Country review - Lithuania (S. Sliaupa / IGG)
Decision Support System (F. Neele / TNO)
Country review - Greece, Albania & FYROM (G. Hatziyannis / IGME)
International cooperation (Y.-M. LeNindre / BRGM)
GeoCapacity in China (Wenying Chen / Tsinghua University)
European summary (T. Vangkilde-Pedersen / GEUS)
GeoCapacity website (V. Kolejka / CGS)
CO2Europipe project (F. Neele / TNO)
GEUS CCS activities (P. Frykman / GEUS)
AQUA-DK project (C. Kjoller / GEUS)
CO2QUALSTORE project (M. Carpenter / DNV)
COACH project (N.E. Poulsen / GEUS)
ECCO project (K. Lyng Antonsen / GEUS)
Mineral sequestration (Z. Németh / SGUDS)


Further presentations are restricted to project consortium and are placed in the Partners-only part of the website. Link to the Partners-only part.

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