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Dr. Kristine Asch
BGR Germany

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WGs Tasks

  1. Develop, propose and promulgate conventions/standards for geology and tectonics as a priority (features & attributes?).

  2. Develop essential metadata standards (geo-referenced data, scale, geodetic parameters authors, sources dates).

  3. Priority will be defining convention/standards for CGMW map/products/projects.

  4. Working group will restrict its work to international (Not national) maps from 1.5 M to 25 M.

  5. WG will need to address: data model, data structures, data formats, dictionaries/term/abbreviations. Presentation/colours are not an issue.

  6. Standards need to be simple.

  7. Standards need system for maintenance & upgrade.

  8. Review and collate relevant standards and conventions which already exist in other CGMW s/commissions and outside.

  9. WG will not address stratigraphy.

  10. Need to link to WG on terms/classification schemes.

  11. Test the developed standards as a pilot study on an existing CGMW project.

  12. Establish a forum of exchange of information about standards, experience and related best practise on existing projects.

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The consultation meeting of DIMAS WG will take place in Paris on February 9 in Paris.