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Dr. Kristine Asch
BGR Germany

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CGMW-DIMAS (Digital Map Standards Working Group)


CGMW resolved to form a working group on digital map standards (DIMAS) at its Annual General Assembly in 2002 (Appendix A). The reason for the inception of this working group was a growing concern that, as almost all of the maps being produced under the auspices of CGMW were now generated digitally, there was a lack of consistency and coherence in their preparation and that this would not only mean that it would be difficult if not impossible to take full advantage of the ability of digital systems to integrate and share data, but also that unnecessary effort was being spent by compilers in developing their own specifications and “standards”.

Terms of Reference

1. Propose, develop and promulgate geological and tectonic standards (including metadata standards) for CGMW maps, products and projects and develop procedures for the management, maintenance and upgrade of those standards.

2. Focus work on straightforward international, not national, map standards (CGMW map scales from 1:1.5 M to 1:25 M) and address data models, data structures, data formats, dictionaries/terms/abbreviations. (Presentation elements, e.g. colours and layout, and stratigraphic classification are not a responsibility of DIMAS at this time).

3. Review and collate relevant standards and conventions which already exist in other CGMW Sub-Commissions and outside, and provide a forum for the exchange of information about standards and best practice.

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The consultation meeting of DIMAS WG will take place in Paris on February 9 in Paris.