Česká geologická služba
English to Czech and Czech to English Geological Vocabulary

    This dictionary is an electronic version of the geological dictionary compiled by Otakar Zeman, Karel Beneš and co-authors published in 1985 by Academia Praha publishing house. Some missing terms were added by: Zdeněk Kukal, Petr Hradecký, Vladislav Rapprich and Marcela Stárková. Under the heading “term”, enter the term, or a part of the term you wish to translate. You can also enter a compound term; the search will take place for these compound terms only. If you do not specify the direction of translation the search will identify both Czech and English terms.

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Note: Because rapid development in geological science has taken place since the last edition and many new terms have been introduced we welcome your suggestions for the inclusion of missing terms. These words will be added to the dictionary by Mgr. Petr Čoupek, CGS (petr.coupek@geology.cz, Brno City, Tel: 543 429 225, who will provide detailed instructions)

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