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Articles related to sheet "PELHŘIMOV (23-14)":

New results from geological investigation of the Melechov pluton
K. Breiter, volume 40, 2007 (GRR for 2006), pages 202–205
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Groundwater resident time in the catchment area with artificial drainage system in the crystalline rock environment
R. Kadlecová, F. Buzek, J. Bruthans, A. Zajíček, T. Kvítek, volume 40, 2007 (GRR for 2006), pages 191–195
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Hydrogeological research in boreholes at the test site in Melechov massif
L. Rukavičková, volume 40, 2007 (GRR for 2006), pages 212–215
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Vulnerability of geological environmental and ground water along the D1 highway (Czech Republic)
O. Moravcová, J. Čurda, Z. Hroch, R. Kadlecová, P. Pálenský, P. Štěpánek, R. Tomas, volume 30, 1997 (GRR for 1996), pages 157–160
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Basic geological research of Quaternary sediments on the map sheet Pelhřimov
M. Hrubeš, volume 27, 1994 (GRR for 1993), pages 41–41
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