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Articles related to sheet "MLADÁ BOLESLAV (03-33)":

Bedding-plane slip movements in Cretaceous sandstones in the Bezděz area
J. Adamovič, M. Coubal, volume 45, 2012 (GRR for 2011), pages 9–12
pdf (1.19 MB)

Origin of some ellipsoidal cavities by carbonate cement dissolution in the Jizera Formation sandstones, Kokořín area
J. Adamovič, R. Mikuláš, volume 44, 2011 (GRR for 2010), pages 9–13
pdf (0.48 MB)

Self-organized flow and porosity in Bohemian Cretaceous Basin: Results of tracer tests and other methods
J. Bruthans, P. Mikuš, J. Soukup, D. Světlík, J. Kamas, O. Zeman, volume 44, 2011 (GRR for 2010), pages 233–238
pdf (0.36 MB)

Preliminary revision of the Cenomanian and Turonian decapods - genera Necrocarcinus Bell, 1863 and Graptocarcinus Roemer, 1887 (order Decapoda Latreille, 1802, infraorder Brachyura Latreille, 1802) from the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
M. Veselská, volume 44, 2011 (GRR for 2010), pages 128–131
pdf (0.43 MB)

Melanite Ti-garnets of the North-Bohemian Cenozoic volcanics
E. Fediuková, F. Fediuk, volume 43, 2010 (GRR for 2009), pages 202–206
pdf (0.24 MB)

Engineering geological conditions in the vicinity of Bezděz Castle
J. Drtina, J. Rybář, volume 39, 2006 (GRR for 2005), pages 66–69
pdf (0.3 MB)

Mapping of geodynamic phenomena in northeastern parts of the Příhrazy plateau
I. Kyrianová, volume 37, 2004 (GRR for 2003), pages 69–70
pdf (0.09 MB)

Hazardous geodynamical phenomena in the territory of Kosmonosy Heights
J. Rybář, J. Rout, T. Nýdl, volume 37, 2004 (GRR for 2003), pages 73–75
pdf (0.13 MB)

Slope deformations in the western part of Chloumek Ridge
J. Rybář, Z. Kudrna, J. Bůžek, T. Nýdl, volume 36, 2003 (GRR for 2002), pages 99–101
pdf (0.11 MB)

The Mšeno-Roudnice Basin: Reinterpretation of Geological and Geophysical Data
J. Skopec, J. Pešek, M. Kobr, volume 34, 2001 (GRR for 2000), pages 140–141
pdf (0.1 MB)

Early Paleozoic quartz keratophyre on the Malý Bezděz Hill
F. Fediuk, volume 30, 1997 (GRR for 1996), pages 143–145
pdf (0.24 MB)

Hyalophane in Czech phonolites
F. Fediuk, E. Fediuková, volume 30, 1997 (GRR for 1996), pages 145–146
pdf (0.21 MB)

Coalbed methane in the coal seams of the Carboniferous in the Mšeno-Roudnice Basin
V. Holub, M. Eliáš, P. Hrazdíra, J. Franců, volume 30, 1997 (GRR for 1996), pages 51–52
pdf (0.09 MB)

Quaternary geology of the surroundings of Mnichovo Hradišlě, NNE of Mladá Boleslav
M. Lachmanová, volume 30, 1997 (GRR for 1996), pages 32–33
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