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Articles related to sheet "BÍLINA (02-34)":

Mobility of elements bound in river sediments affected by coal mining
Marcela Cahová, Eva Geršlová, Jan Kuta, volume 54, issue 2, 2021, pages 93–97
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Distribution of trace elements in the lower and upper benches of the main coal seam in the Most Basin
Stanislav Fojtík, Dominik Vöröš, Eva Geršlová, volume 51, issue 1, 2018, pages 43–45
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Rudist limestones of the Bílá Hora Formation (Lower-Middle Turonian) near the town of Bílina (NW Bohemia), paleogeography, stratigraphy, sedimentology
Jaroslav Valečka, volume 50, issue 1, 2017, pages 103–110
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Historical and current evolution of the landslide area near Třebenice
Jan Balek, Tomáš Marek, Pavel Kadlečík, volume 48, 2015 (GRR for 2014), pages 51–54
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Vertical distribution of soil gas radon concentration in the environment of extremely low thickness of soils and subsoils
I. Barnet, P. Pacherová, volume 47, 2014 (GRR for 2013), pages 99–102
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The evolution of the Malá kozí horka landslide area nearTřebenice (České středohoří Mts.) in 2013
T. Marek, J. Bálek, volume 47, 2014 (GRR for 2013), pages 64–68
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Chemostratigraphy of Miocene sediments in Most Basin
T. Matys Grygar, K. Mach, volume 46, 2013 (GRR for 2012), pages 26–29
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Thermomagnetic curves of selected phonolites and trachytes of the České středohoří Mts.
Š. Mrázová, M. Chlupáčová, V. Cajz, volume 46, 2013 (GRR for 2012), pages 316–319
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The effects of Late Cenozoic tectonics in the NW part of the Milešovské středohoří Mts. relief
J. Dužár, P. Raška, V. Cajz, volume 45, 2012 (GRR for 2011), pages 75–81
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Central Bohemian Basin as a potential carbon dioxide storage site
V. Hladík, D. Hatzignatiou, F. Riis, R. Berenblyum, E. Geršlová, J. Franců, R. Lojka, V. Kolejka, M. Geršl, volume 44, 2011 (GRR for 2010), pages 247–252
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Historic landslides in the České středohoří Mts. archived in regional newspapers published in Ústí nad Labem (1856-1902)
P. Raška, J. Dubišar, volume 44, 2011 (GRR for 2010), pages 79–82
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New geological data on Písečný vrch Hill near Bečov
J. Adamovič, J. Peroutka, volume 43, 2010 (GRR for 2009), pages 9–11
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Distribution pattern of the organic pollutants and heavy metals along the Bílina river profile
E. Franců, M. Geršl, K. Fárová, K. Zelenková, V. Kopačková, volume 43, 2010 (GRR for 2009), pages 207–210
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Records of the terrestrial woody plants and microorganisms in the paleolacustrine deposits of the Žichov-Lužice (České středohoří Mts., NW Bohemia)
M. Konzalová, J. Dašková, volume 43, 2010 (GRR for 2009), pages 149–151
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Cretaceous sediments in the surroundings of Bílina (NW Bohemia)
J. Valečka, P. Zelenka, volume 41, 2008 (GRR for 2007), pages 79–80
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The rock “opuka” from Hrádek village, the building stone of the St. Nicholas church in the town Louny (NW Bohemia)
J. Valečka, volume 40, 2007 (GRR for 2006), pages 175–179
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Micropalaeontological (palynomorphs) investigation of the upper coal seam in the Bílina delta area (North Bohemia, Miocene)
M. Konzalová, volume 38, 2005 (GRR for 2004), pages 76–78
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Borings in thecae of echinoids from the locality Radovesice (Turonian, Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Czech Republic)
R. Mikuláš, Z. Dvořák, volume 36, 2003 (GRR for 2002), pages 132–133
pdf (0.75 MB)

Borings in xylic tissues of the tree fern Tempskya in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Czech Republic
R. Mikuláš, Z. Dvořák, volume 36, 2003 (GRR for 2002), pages 129–131
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Contribution to the stratigraphy and palaeoenvironment of the deposits underlying the Miocene coal seam in the area of the Open Mine Bílina (former Maxim Gorkij), North Bohemian Basin
M. Konzalová, volume 35, 2002 (GRR for 2001), pages 41–43
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Palynological research of the "stump horizon" in the Bílina opencast mine (Most Basin, Miocene, Czech Republic)
J. Dašková, volume 34, 2001 (GRR for 2000), pages 30–32
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Volcanostratigraphy and Geochemistry of the České středohoří Mts. basaltic rocks
V. Cajz, J. Ulrych, K. Balogh, M. Lang, volume 33, 2000 (GRR for 1999), pages 180–182
pdf (0.16 MB)

Preliminary micropaleobotanieal characterization of a sample from the roof of the main brown-coal seam from the Bílina Mine (North Bohemia)
J. Dašková, volume 33, 2000 (GRR for 1999), pages 128–129
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Fauna of the Lower-Upper Coniacian at the locality Radovesice
M. Kopáčová, volume 33, 2000 (GRR for 1999), pages 56–56
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Preliminary report on a palynological research of the level 21 from the Bílina mine
J. Dašková, volume 32, 1999 (GRR for 1998), pages 50–50
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The age of ganister between the towns of Most and Louny
M. Váně, volume 31, 1998 (GRR for 1997), pages 44–47
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Stratigraphy of the Cretaceous of the Ohře (Eger) Development
M. Váně, volume 31, 1998 (GRR for 1997), pages 107–110
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Stratigraphic tables of the Tertiary and Quaternary for the Louny region
M. Váně, volume 31, 1998 (GRR for 1997), pages 40–44
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Pollen grains in aiborne dust in Most and Tušimice
E. Břízová, volume 30, 1997 (GRR for 1996), pages 53–53
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Shark fauna of Upper Cretaceous sediments in Louny area
V. Vlačiha, volume 30, 1997 (GRR for 1996), pages 137–138
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Investigation of Holocene sediments in correlation with climatic development
V. Ložek, volume 28, 1995 (GRR for 1994), pages 74–75
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Flora of the Kučlín diatomite, its composition, character and relationships
Č. Bůžek, volume 25, 1993 (GRR for 1991), pages 21–23
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