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Geoscience Research Reports for 2008 (volume 42)


The impact of not-detonated blasts of TNT in the geophysical prospecting boreholes in the Halenkovice village on theground water quality
A. Havlín, F. Konečný, P. Müller, volume 42, 2009 (GRR for 2008), pages 273–275
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Utilization of spectroradiometric measurements for identification of acid weathered substrates – Case studyfrom the Sokolov basin
V. Kopačková, S. Chevrel, A. Bourguignon, P. Rojík, volume 42, 2009 (GRR for 2008), pages 276–282
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Geophysical indication of unknown neovolcanic centre near Mariánské Lázně
K. Šalanský, volume 42, 2009 (GRR for 2008), pages 283–283
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