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Minerals of selected critical elements (REE, Zr, Nb) detected in the Roztoky Intrusive Complex, České středohoří Mts.
Jakub Mysliveček, Jakub Vácha, Vladislav Rapprich, Ondřej Pour, Martin Racek, volume 53, issue 2, 2020, pages 161–169
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Isotopic age of zircon from the gemstone assemblage with sapphire from the Jizerka fluvial sediments in the Jizerské hory Mts., Czech Republic
Jiří Sláma, Josef Klomínský, volume 52, issue 1, 2019, pages 85–87
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Heavy minerals in sediments of the southern part of the Krkonoše Piedmont Basin in the context of changes of individual Permo-Carboniferous formations
Tamara Sidorinová, Marcela Stárková, volume 50, issue 2, 2017, pages 215–220
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Cathodoluminescence of rock-forming minerals and fossils using spectrometry
V. Procházka, J. Zachariáš, D. Matějka, volume 47, 2014 (GRR for 2013), pages 130–133
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Temporal relations of melagranite porphyry dykes and durbachitic plutons in South Bohemia
F.V. Holub, K. Verner, M.D. Schmitz, volume 45, 2012 (GRR for 2011), pages 23–25
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Twenty five years since discovery of garnet hyperpotassic granulites in southern Bohemia, Czech Republic
S. Vrána, volume 44, 2011 (GRR for 2010), pages 189–191
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Zircon from extremely fractionated West-European Variscan peraluminous granites
K. Breiter, R. Škoda, volume 43, 2010 (GRR for 2009), pages 194–198
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Accessory minerals of ABO4-type from some subvolcanic equivalents of A-type granites from the Krušné hory/Erzgebirge Mts. and from the Teplice rhyolite
K. Breiter, R. Škoda, volume 42, 2009 (GRR for 2008), pages 147–151
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Accessory minerals: a tool for classification of altered granites
K. Breiter, volume 41, 2008 (GRR for 2007), pages 148–151
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Arzenic-rich mineral assemblage in granite from Hora Svaté Kateřiny Škoda
K. Breiter, R. Čopjaková, B. Mlčoch, R. Škoda, volume 40, 2007 (GRR for 2006), pages 116–120
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Early Cambrian granitoid magmatism in the Moldanubian zone: U-Ph zircon isotopic evidence from the Stráž Orthogneiss
J. Košler, M. Aftalion, K. Vokurka, M. Klečka, M. Svojtka, volume 29, 1996 (GRR for 1995), pages 109–109
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