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Lithology and biostratigraphy of the Godula Formation within the Kněhyně Cave
Martin Kašing, Petr Skupien, Dalibor Matýsek, volume 53, issue 1, 2020, pages 19–24
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Stone tables, their predispositions and genesis
Jan Lenart, volume 50, issue 2, 2017, pages 255–261
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Heat flow scenario in exploration area of the Vizovické vrchy Hills using boreholes Gottwa1dov 1 and 2
Marek Goldbach, Eva Geršlová, Slavomír Nehyba, Petr Jirman, volume 48, 2015 (GRR for 2014), pages 85–90
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Thermal history of the Slušovice-1 borehole
Petr Jirman, Marek Goldbach, Eva Geršlová, volume 48, 2015 (GRR for 2014), pages 91–94
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Biostratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous sediments of the Silesian Unit based on miospores, dinocysts, and foraminifers study (Outer Western Carpathians, Czech Republic)
M. Svobodová, L. Hradecká, P. Skupien, volume 43, 2010 (GRR for 2009), pages 50–57
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Diachronic occurrence of Marthasterites furcatus in the Turonian sediments of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin and Western Carpathians, Czech Republic
L. Švábenická, volume 42, 2009 (GRR for 2008), pages 126–129
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Holocene folding of the flysch rocks of the Godula Member, Silesian Nappe (Outer Western Carpathians, CzechRepublic) by mass wasting processes
I. Baroň, V. Jánoš, J. Klimeš, R. Novotný, F. Hubatka, volume 40, 2007 (GRR for 2006), pages 46–49
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Numerical analysis of Silesian nappe gravitational disintegration by means of FDM (Case study: Radhošť-Pustevny)
I. Baroň, D. Kašperáková, volume 40, 2007 (GRR for 2006), pages 49–52
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Upper Cretaceous fill of the clastic dykes in the Ernstbrunn Limestone of Pavlov Hills
Z. Stráník, L. Švábenická, M. Bubík, volume 39, 2006 (GRR for 2005), pages 51–53
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Albian-Cenomanian boundary in the depositional area of Silesian Unit according to study of foraminifer and calcareous nannofossils (Outer Western Carpathians, Czech Republic)
L. Švábenická, L. Hradecká, volume 38, 2005 (GRR for 2004), pages 47–54
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Mineralogy of pelitic sediments from the fillings accompanying the Štramberk Limestone (Silesian Unit, Outer Western Carpathians)
K. Melka, M. Svobodová, volume 37, 2004 (GRR for 2003), pages 115–117
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Some new data on microfossils research from the Štramberk area (Silesian Unit, Outer Western Carpathians)
M. Svobodová, L. Hradecká, P. Skupien, L. Švábenická, volume 36, 2003 (GRR for 2002), pages 147–149
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