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Load stabilized sands in the Czech Republic and their peculiar geomechanical properties
Jiří Bruthans, Jaroslav Řihošek, volume 50, issue 2, 2017, pages 247–253
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Impact of biocolonization on erosion and resistance of different types of sandstone surfaces in a quarry and in natural outcrops
Martin Slavík, Jiří Bruthans, Jana Schweigstillová, Lukáš Falteisek , volume 50, issue 1, 2017, pages 81–87
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Hydraulic properties of biologically initiated rock crust on sandstone
Martin Slavík, Jiří Bruthans, Alžběta Kobrlová, Petr Vorlíček, Martin Paděra, volume 50, issue 1, 2017, pages 117–123
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Hardened fracture surfaces in quartzose sandstone and their role in origin of rock cities
J. Bruthans, J. Soukup, D. Světlík, J. Schweigstillová, A.L. Mayo, volume 46, 2013 (GRR for 2012), pages 109–115
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Self-organized system of underground conduits originated by groundwater flow along fractures in quartz sandstone in Střeleč quarry
J. Soukup, J. Bruthans, D. Světlík, J. Schweigstillová, D. Smutek, volume 46, 2013 (GRR for 2012), pages 296–304
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Chronostratigraphic revision and paleoclimatic significance of the talus deposit at the foot of the Martinka cliff in the Protected landscape area and Biosphere reserve Pálava (S Moravia)
V. Ložek, volume 44, 2011 (GRR for 2010), pages 66–69
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Formation of Holocene scree breccias in Central Bohemia and their destruction by erosion
K. Žák, L. Mikšíková, H. Hercman, J. Melková, J. Kadlec, volume 36, 2003 (GRR for 2002), pages 106–109
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Malacostratigraphical studies on Holocene depositional and erosional processes in the White Carpathians
V. Ložek, volume 35, 2002 (GRR for 2001), pages 136–138
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Development of the Casita stratovolcano relief, Nicaragua
J. Šebesta, volume 33, 2000 (GRR for 1999), pages 166–168
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